Hampton View Homestead

B&B / Farm Stay, Outback WA
Central Wheatbelt, Near Southern Cross

Hampton View Homestead

B&B / Farm Stay Near Southern Cross, WA

Things To Do

Farm Tour

Tour the farm with your personal guide, Peter Goodhill Esq, the property owner.

  • Learn about how the property was established.
  • Visit the farm animals and pets
  • See equipment from the early days of the farm as well as the high tech equipment Peter uses today.
  • Spot some of the 200 birds that call this place home
  • See wildflowers and spot rare orchids

See Some Farm Snaps

Working Farm Photos

Farm Pets

Look out for extended family of farm pets including Lady (pet kangaroo), Jack (Blue tongue lizard), Jasmine, Bubby & Blackie (our friendly pet Black Dexter cows), Tabitha, Whisker & Blade (our cats – Blade was a rescued wild cat found as a kitten one day on the farm, who turned out to be the nicest cat we’ve ever had), Manny the Goat and of course Sox (Black Kelpie)


Our station is home to a lot of wildlife including Emus, Kangaroos, Blue tongue lizards. We have over 200 native bird species as well, including Cockatoos, White Owls, Honeyeaters, Willie Wagtails and  beautiful Blue Wrens.

Wildflowers and Trees

Hampton View Homestead has many native wildflowers and trees, including rare orchids and spectacular Eucalypts. Early spring is the best time of year for our wildflowers.


See Wildflowers

Outback Sunset

At the end of the day, you might be in for a spectacular outback sunset.

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Far from the madding crowd ...
Full many a flower is born to blush unseen
And waste its sweetness in the desert air.