Hampton View Homestead

B&B / Farm Stay, Outback WA
Central Wheatbelt, Near Southern Cross

Hampton View Homestead

B&B / Farm Stay Near Southern Cross, WA

A Historical Drive

Directions and places of interest, for your trip from Perth to Hampton View Homestead.

The Goldfields pipeline
In the 1890s CY O’Connor engineered a pipeline to carry freshwater from Mundaring Weir to arid goldfields 560 km to the east. To commemorate this incredible feat the National Trust of Australia (WA) initiated the Golden Pipeline Project.

From Perth city it is only a 45-minute drive to reach the beautiful Hills – drive along the Great Eastern Highway. As you begin the climb up Greenmount Hill you feel the change in the air! Mundaring Weir, the start of the amazing water pipeline to the Kalgoorlie Goldfields. The No 1 Pump Station, at Mundaring Weir, highlights the amazing engineering feat of C Y O’Connor and his vision.

Is a small community in the Shire of Mundaring approx 45 kilometres east of Perth.The Chidlow townsite was originally named Chidlow’s Well after a small waterhole near the old Northam road. The watering place had been known to travellers for many years and was named after a pioneer family of Northam. Settlement began in 1883 when it became known that Chidlow’s Well was to be the terminus of the second section of the Eastern Railway. The railway station and townsite were changed from Chidlow’s well to Chidlow in 1920.

Notice you will be following The pipeline & railway (on&off) along Gt Eastern H’way.The railway carried the pipes for the pipeline.

Bakers Hill
Is a small town located about an hour’s drive east of Perth on the Great Eastern Highway. The nearby Avon Valley National Park’s mix of jarrah, marri and wandoo trees provides a home to more than 90 species of birds and a variety of plant life.

Just before the town, on the left, is a B&B sign, (brown & white). Go down the gravel path and you will find a cafe in an Old Cow Shed. The owners also get tea direct from China.(amazing experience!)

The Manager’s Cottage B & B
9 Yates Street, Bakers Hill 6562
, phone 9574 1387
Hosts Rupert, Annette, & Christopher Poulton

Or there is a famous Baker’s Hill Pie Bakery just on from that on the left.

At 10.59a.m. on the 14th October 1968, the small town of Meckering, about 130 km east of Perth, was destroyed by an earthquake. The magnitude of the Meckering earthquake was 6.9 on the Richter Scale making it one of the largest recorded in the seismic history of Australia.

Nellie and Josef Goodhill Married at Meckering 11.8.1915 at St Peter’s Church site just past tennis court, on right. DESTROYED IN THE EARTHQUAKE, SIGN THERE.

Is a town located in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia 156 km east of Perth, on Great Eastern Highway Like many small towns in the area, Cunderdin developed as a stop-off town during the gold rush in the WA Goldfields. Significantly in 1894 the railway arrived signalling the earliest settlement in the town. Later, in 1901, the Goldfields Water Scheme designed by C. Y. O’Connor led to a renewed increase in population of the town. The townsite was gazetted in 1906. The pump can be viewed.

184 km (114 mi) East of Perth Tammin was first settled in 1893 by John Packham with more settlers
arriving in the 1900’s. The town of Tammin was gazetted in 1899.The name “TAMMIN” means grandmother
or grandfather according to  Aborigines of WA” by G F Moore. Other theories are, that Tammin was named after the Tamma, a small animal that once inhabited the area or the Tamma bush which grows throughout the district. European settlement continued to grow and with the completion of the Goldfields Water Supply and the railway line to Kalgoorlie, the township grew along with necessary shops and facilities.

In 1830, Ensign Dale led an exploration party from York which reached into the Shire of Kellerberrin. Throughout 1861 – 1868 a number of grazing leases were taken up in the area. In 1864 an explorer, CC Hunt, named a granite outcrop “Killaberrin” after the Aboriginal word for a large ant colony “Keela”, found in the vicinity of the hill. Centrally located in the Wheatbelt, just 202km east of Perth along Great Eastern Highway, Kellerberrin is steeped in history dating back from its Indigenous people to European pioneers. There is an Antique store on your right ‘Old With Style’, plus other shops.

Fifteen kilometres to the east of Kellerberrin is the small township of Doodlakine. This was the first town to be settled in what was then the Kellerberrin Road Board District and Doodlakine was officially gazetted as a townsite on the 16th March 1891. When the railway line was constructed five kilometres south of the townsite in 1894, the original townsite was rapidly deserted and a new township sprung up next to the railway line. This is where the current township stands today and still boasts a town store and bowling club.

257kms from Perth Merredin’s history varies from that of other wheat-belt towns in Western Australia in the sense that it started as a stopping place on the way to the Goldfields. The first European explorer into the area was the Surveyor General J. S. Roe, who travelled through the region in 1836 but was not impressed by its dryness and the low rainfall. By the 1850s sandalwood cutters were in the area but there was little agriculture. It was not until Assistant Surveyor Charles Cooke Hunt explored the area in the period 1864–66 that it began to open up. Hunt saw the pastoral potential but realised the importance of water. He called the area Hampton Plains after John Stephen Hampton, Governor of Western Australia 1862–68. Merredin is now quite a big town catering for surrounding farms. Has Chicken Treat, Subway, Chinese and Cafes, and quite a range of stores. Suggest you fuel cars here.

Getting Here from Merredin

PS The “in” sound at the end of place names is aboriginal for ‘place of’.

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